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Emergence of the Ug99 lineage of the wheat stem rust pathogen through somatic hybridisation

F. Li, N. Upadhyaya, J. Sperschneider, O. Matny, H. Nguyen-Phuc, R. Mago, C. Raley, M. Miller, K. Silverstein, E. Henningsen, CD Hirsch, B. Visser, Z. Pretorius, B. Steffenson, B. Schwessinger, P. Dodds, M. Figueroa

2019 | bioRxiv



Highly genotype- and tissue-specific single-parent expression drives dynamic gene expression complementation in maize hybrids

Z. Li, P. Zhou, R. Della Coletta, T. Zhang, A. Brohammer, B. Vaillancourt, A. Lipzen, C. Daum, K. Berry, N. de Leon, CD Hirsch, CR Buell, S. Kaeppler, N. Springer, CN Hirsch

2019 | bioRxiv


te expression

Dynamic patterns of transcript abundance of transposable element families in maize

S. Anderson, M. Stitzer, P. Zhou, J. Ross-Ibarra, CD Hirsch, N. Springer

2019 | bioRxiv


te distribution

Transposable elements contribute to dynamic genome content in maize

S. Anderson, M. Stitzer, A. Brohammer, P. Zhou, J. Noshay, CD Hirsch, J. Ross-Ibarra, CN Hirsch, N. Springer

2019 | bioRxiv



Classifying cold stress responses of inbred maize seedlings using RGB imaging

T. Enders, S. St. Dennis, J. Oakland, S. Callen, M. Gehan, N. Miller, E. Spalding, N. Springer, CD Hirsch

2019 | Plant Direct



De novo assembly and phasing of dikaryotic genomes from two isolates of Puccinia coronata f. sp. avenae, the causal agent of oat crown rust

M. Miller, Y. Zhang, V. Omidvara, J. Sperschneider, B. Schwessinger, C. Raley, J. Palmer, D. Garnica, N. Upadhyayah, J. Rathjen, J. Taylor, R. Park, P. Dodds, CD Hirsch, S. Kianiana, M. Figueroa

2018 | mBio



Natural variation for gene expression responses to abiotic stress in maize

A. Waters, I. Makarevitch, J. Noshay, L. Burghardt, CN Hirsch, CD Hirsch, N. Springer

2017 | The Plant Journal



Transposable element influences on gene expression in plants

CD Hirsch, N. Springer

2017 | BBA Gene Regulatory Mechanism



Draft assembly of elite inbred line PH207 provides insights into genomic and transcriptomic diversity in maize

CN Hirsch, CD Hirsch, A. Brohammer, M. Bowman, I. Soifer, O. Barad, D. Shem-Tov, K. Baruch, F. Lu, A. Hernandez, C. Fields, C. Wright, K. Koehler, N. Springer, E. Buckler, CR Buell, N. de Leon, S. Kaeppler, K. Childs, M. Mikel

2016 | The Plant Cell


potato resources

A toolbox of potato genetic and genomic resources

CD Hirsch, CR Buell, CN Hirsch

2016 | American Journal of Potato Research


mCHH maize

RNA-directed DNA methylation enforces boundaries between heterochromatin and euchromatin in the maize genome

Q. Li, J. Gent, G. Zynda, J. Song, I. Makarevitch, CD Hirsch, CN Hirsch, RK Dawe, T. Madzima, K. McGinnis, D. Lisch, R. Schmitz, M. Vaughn, N. Springer

2015 | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences



Genomic limitations to RNA sequencing expression profiling

CD Hirsch, N. Springer, CN Hirsch

2015 | The Plant Journal


reduced representation

Reduced representation approaches to interrogate genome diversity in large repetitive plant genomes

CD Hirsch, J. Evans, CR Buell, CN Hirsch

2014 | Briefings in Functional Genomics


spud db

Spud DB: a resource for mining sequences, genotypes, and phenotypes to accelerate potato breeding

CD Hirsch, J. Hamilton, K. Childs, J. Cepela, E. Crisovan, B. Vaillancourt, CN Hirsch, M. Habermann, B. Neal, CR Buell

2014 | The Plant Genome


2013 -

potato diversity

Retrospective view of North American potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) breeding in the 20th and 21st centuries

CN Hirsch, CD Hirsch, K. Felcher, J. Coombs, D. Zarka, A. Van Deynze, W. De Jong, R. Veilleux, S. Jansky, P. Bethke, D. Douches, CR Buell

2013 | Genes | Genomes | Genetics


rice cenh3

Centromeres: sequences, structure, and biology

CD Hirsch, J. Jiang

2012 | Plant Genome Diversity Volume 1


rice cen8

Conservation and purifying selection of transcribed genes located in a rice centromere

C. Fan, J. Walling, J. Zhang, CD Hirsch, J. Jiang, R. Wing

2011 | The Plant Cell




potato telomere

Organization and evolution of subtelomeric satellite repeats in the potato genome

G. Torres, Z. Gong, M. Iovene, CD Hirsch, CR Buell, G. Bryan, P. Novák, J. Macas, J. Jiang

2011 | Genes | Genomes | Genetics


polyploid cenh3

Lineage-specific adaptive evolution of the centromeric protein CENH3 in diploid and allotetraploid Oryza species

CD Hirsch, Y. Wu, H. Yan, J. Jiang

2009 | Molecular Biology and Evolution


centromere cover

Structure and evolution of plant centromeres

K. Nagaki, J. Walling, CD Hirsch, J. Jiang, M. Murata

2009 | Progress in Molecular and Subcellular Biology: Centromere