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Plant Stress Resistance Biology

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We are located on the St. Paul campus of the University of Minnesota in the Department of Plant Pathology. The interests of the lab include understanding genomic and expression variation within species and associating this variation with precision phenotyping to understand abiotic and biotic stress response in plants.

Recent Publications

De novo assembly and phasing of dikaryotic genomes from two isolates of Puccinia coronata f. sp. avenae, the causal agent of oat crown rust

M. Miller, Y. Zhang, V. Omidvara, J. Sperschneider, B. Schwessinger, C. Raley, J. Palmer, D. Garnica, N. Upadhyayah, J. Rathjen, J. Taylor, R. Park, P. Dodds, CD Hirsch, S. Kianiana, M. Figueroa
2018 | mBio

Natural variation for gene expression responses to abiotic stress in maize

A. Waters, I. Makarevitch, J. Noshay, L. Burghardt, CN Hirsch, CD Hirsch, N. Springer

Transposable element influences on gene expression in plants

CD Hirsch, N. Springer

Draft assembly of elite inbred line PH207 provides insights into genomic and transcriptomic diversity in maize

CN Hirsch, CD Hirsch, A. Brohammer, M. Bowman, I. Soifer, O. Barad, D. Shem-Tov, K. Baruch, F. Lu, A. Hernandez, C. Fields, C. Wright, K. Koehler, N. Springer, E. Buckler, CR Buell, N. de Leon, S. Kaeppler, K. Childs, M. Mikel

A toolbox of potato genetic and genomic resources

CD Hirsch, CR Buell, CN Hirsch






¬ Sydney Berger, Evan Hall, and Khoa Lee joined the Hirsch Lab as Undergraduate Researchers (3.20.18)

¬ De novo assembly and phasing of dikaryotic genomes from two isolates of Puccinia coronata f. sp. avenae, the causal agent of oat crown rust (Miller et al. | 2.20.18)

¬ Hirsch and Gilbert present ongoing phenotyping research at Phenome 2018 (2.14.18)

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