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Cory D. Hirsch

Assistant Professor


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Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson

Postdoctoral Researcher



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Erin Gilbert

Graduate Student




Liz Sampson

Research Assistant






I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota in the Department of Plant Pathology researching plant stress resistance biology. My research interests include using enabling technologies to understand genomic and expression variation within species and associating this variation with precision phenotyping to understand abiotic and biotic stress response in plants.

Ph.D. - 2011 | Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics | UW-Madison

B.S. - 2005 | Biochemistry | UW-Madison


I am a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Minnesota with a joint appointment in the labs of Cory Hirsch and Nathan Springer. I am currently studying the role of transposable elements on the regulation of gene expression in response to abiotic stress in maize. 


Ph.D. - 2016 | Integrative Genetics and Genomics | UC-Davis

B.S. - 2011 | Genetics | Iowa State University


I am a PhD student majoring in Applied Plant Sciences. I am currently researching high-throughput phenotyping methods to identify and characterize plant disease using hyperspectral imagery data.


M.S. - 2017 | Applied Plant Sciences | University of Minnesota

B.S. - 2014 | Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology | Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute



I am working in the Hirsch lab on a project to develop a high-throughput phenotyping system for corn seedlings using RGB and hyperspectral imaging, in order to study response to abiotic and biotic stresses. 


B.S. - 2017  | Plant Biology | University of Minnesota